Atlanta Sand & Supply Company was established in 1903 by Frank B. Jamison. Today, the fourth generation of the Jamison family carries on the tradition. The first sand that the company produced was used by the Railroad as traction sand. The engines would drop small amounts of sand as their wheels came in contact with the rail to help provide traction. Although Atlanta Sand now has a wide variety of products, we still produce traction sand for the railroad today.

The Atlanta Sand & Supply Company loaded wooded rail cars in the early days using shovels and wheelbarrows. Later, a dragline was introduced, which was powered by a steam engine. Even though our processes have changed over the years, Atlanta Sand’s work ethic and customer focus has not. Today our products, which include 50 lbs bags, 100 lbs bags, bulk bags and bulk, are shipped by rail and truck.

In 1927, an electric transmission line was constructed to provide the power necessary to run the electric slurry pumps. In addition, Atlanta Sand & Supply utilized the hydrocyclone to produce all of its sand. Hydrocyclone is still used today to produce fine masonry sand, but most of our sand is produced with sand classifying tanks and dewatering screws. Electric slurry pumps deliver the sand from the mining face to the classifying tanks.

Atlanta Sand mines hydraulically with water and no chemicals. Electric slurry pumps, classifying tanks, dewatering screws and hydrocyclones are all used to produce our products.

Construction Sand, Industrial Sand, Golf Course Sand in Georgia


Roberta Plant

740 Sand Pit Road
Roberta, GA 31078
Phone: 478-836-4275
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Byron Plant

1220 Smith Road
Byron, GA 31008
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Fort Gordon Plant

3607 Old Warrenton Road
Matthews, GA 30818
Phone: 478-550-6457
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